Organ transplants, when available and when medically successful,
tend to give the recipients a shot at longer, healthier lives.

Patients who don't get the liver transplants they need
are likely to die in 1-2 years.

Those who need but don't get kidney transplants
can spend 5-10 years on dialysis.

Smart Perfusion’s VASOWAVE®

VASOWAVE® is anticipated to keep organs alive and functional outside
the human body in a physiologically relevant way.

The VASOWAVE® Advantage

VASOWAVE® has the potential to facilitate recovery of a larger number of viable organs by 10,000 to 50,000 (or more) each year by increasing the yield from a large pool of organs that are currently discarded.

The VASOWAVE® Technology

The Smart Perfusion VASOWAVE® technology platform is comprised of two devices that are designed to support the donor organ and transplantation process. To read more, click here.


NOTE: VASOWAVEŽ is an investigative device in the preclinical stage of development. It has not yet been tested extensively on humans or approved for commercial sale by the FDA or by any other regulatory body.